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Whether it’s a residential claim for a homeowner or a commercial claim for a business owner, we at Tri-State Insurance Adjusters have the means and expertise to handle all your diverse property claim needs. Tri-State provides start to finish guidance in all aspects of first party coverages. We can provide our clientele with risk assessment underwriting evaluations, appraisal services, and subrogation pursuit to reduce indemnity payment.


The casualty field is expansive and covers a wide range of categories from auto/general liability to workers compensation. Serious injuries can arise from the aforementioned including injuries sustained due to medical malpractice, liquor and product liability. Discover in our services section our areas of concentration and how Tri-States expert liability adjusters can assist you.

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is key when managing an insurance claim.
Tri-State Insurance Adjusters provide 24/7 service from well-qualified, experienced licensed adjusters during your claims process. This allows for the cultivation of a prompt, accurate, and fair claim settlement that will be sure to satisfy. Tri-State’s adjusters provide expedient reports and maintain an efficient reserve management, all with a focus on precision and accuracy. This is key to how Tri-State continuously provides such a reliable and cost effective product to our clients every time. At the end of the day, our goal at Tri-State is to put our client’s needs first, while providing exemplary customer services & RESULTS.
Lloyds of London

Tri-State Insurance Adjusters, Inc. has faithfully served the London Insurance Market for the past 30 years.  Our firm continues to provide loss adjustment services for the market throughout the United States. We represent Insurance brokers, market syndicates and domestic cover holders.  We have successfully managed millions in reserves for routine & catastrophic losses

Our firm continues to solidify our presence within the Lloyds market both domestically and abroad by providing cost efficient pricing coupled with prompt and professional reporting.

Tri-State continues to maintain solid relationships with our Lloyds partners with an emphasis on developing new business.

To those of you we’ve had the privilege of working with we thank you. To those who might consider our services we look forward to meeting with you.

Tri-State Insurance Adjusters, Inc. maintains offices throughout its service area which we cover.

Our coverage continues to grow.

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